Welcome to your Summer of Pilates!

Woman doing Pilates at home on the floor with her baby

6 classes over 6 weeks designed to reduce back, shoulder and neck tightness, strengthen core and hips and keep you doing Pilates over the holidays!

From Monday 18 December through to Sunday 28 January 2024.

All for the very special price of $49


Brigid’s pre-recorded classes are easy to follow with very clear explanations. They aren’t too long, I don’t need any fancy equipment and I always feel great after a class.


Pilates at home

Lengthen out of mid back tightness

If you suffer from back tightness, this class will teach you to relieve back tightness with lengthening Pilates movements. You feel more relaxed in your back, more connected to your centre and a little taller after taking this class.

Pilates at home

Strong arms, strong legs

This class is all about working your limbs and staying connected to your centre. We use a chair and a pair of light weights (0.5 or 1 kilo) or a pair of vege tins (tomatoes, chick peas or baked beans – whatever you have at home) make great weights!

Pilates at home

Know your core in 2024!

This class is a Pilates chair class with mat options. Classic Pilates abdominal exercises flow together to build your core connection and strength.

Pilates at home

Happy spine, happy life

This class is all about spinal mobility. Starting on a wall and moving to a chair we move through roll downs and a standing mermaid series, C curve training on the chair with a focus on side ab (obliques). A great class for stability and vitality.

  • Save time searching for free workouts online

  • Be supported to do safe workouts with reminders and classes ready when you need them

  • Maintain the work you have done on your Pilates this year through your holiday

  • Share your love for Pilates with your family

*Don’t miss out, not available after 20 December.