Pilates for older people

Thursdays 10am

Pilates for Seniors is a welcoming place for people to discover Pilates. Ages range from late forties to mid eighties. The class is gentle with a focus on supporting everyday movement and active ageing. Some of the things we focus on include:

  • Deep abdominal activation for lower back support
  • Foot strength, ankle flexion and leg and gluteal strength for reducing risk of falls
  • Upper back strength and mobility for supporting the head and neck and relieving tension
  • Linking movement to breath for improved body mind connection

All classes are safe for those with osteoporosis or osteopenia and incorporate a bone strengthening approach.

Enjoy meeting regularly to practice Pilates and improve your strength and mobility. To book in for a class simply call Brigid on 0404 459605. Class fee is $15 and all mats and props are provided.