What is ‘A Summer of Pilates’?

A Summer of Pilates is seven weeks of Pilates with me, via prerecorded classes, one 30 minute class each week for seven weeks.

I train with one of my teachers in this way (she lives in the US) and I love it. All I have to do is find a spare 20 – 30 minutes open my device, press play and follow along. And because it’s pre recorded it’s no big deal if I can only do 15 minutes. I just do what I can do and celebrate it!! 

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What’s the difference between this and free workouts on youtube?

For those of you in regular classes, you know I program specifically for you, right? I have designed A Summer of Pilates to keep you limber until classes return in the new year. Focusing on areas I know you need to work on to stay mobile and maintain all the results you have achieved this year.

If you want a gentle pathway to strength, that’s what I do. A Summer of Pilates really is suitable for all levels, as gentle workouts that build strength and core function.

Are the classes on zoom?

No the classes aren’t on zoom. They are prerecorded by me and you will receive a link to a new class each Monday. You don’t need any special software on your computer to play the link, but you will need access to the internet to play it.

How do I access the classes & how long for?

You will receive an email every Monday with your class link. All you need is internet access to play the class and get moving. You will have access to each  30 minute class for seven days until a new class is sent to you on the following Monday.

Can I do each class more than once?

Yes, yes, yes! This is where the magic happens. With Move to Nurture Pilates you are not just following movements, you are learning movement concepts that help you do life better. Repeating the class helps you to grasp the movement concepts.

How do I sign up?

Click this link to purchase the Program. You will receive a confirmation email. On Monday you will receive your first class of the Summer!