10:30am Virtual mat class – Restorative

10:30am Virtual mat class – Restorative

Virtual intermediate mat class

East Ballina – Lighthouse Beach surf cub all levels mat class

Yay! you found the schedule. Move to Nurture classes are really about enjoying exercise and making the time to be present in our bodies. Yes, we work hard and yes we feel the burn, we focus on feeling our ‘work window’, the exact positions where we work the right muscles. In this way we teach your body to move better and look after itself. We cater especially to older adults, working people wanting to stay fit and post natal mums offering gentle and targeted Pilates to help prevent injury and reduce recurring lower back, neck and shoulder pain.


Virtual mat classes – Restorative. This class brings our focus to our breath, we explore functional movement to improve posture, leg strength, abdominal engagement and spinal strength and mobility. This is a gentle targeted class, great for beginners, those with osteoporosis and post natal mums. 55 mins

East Ballina mat classes – All levels. This really is an all levels class! Each exercise has several variations to prevent injury and challenge you in equal measure. Focusing on deep abdominal engagement, correct pelvic floor activation, upper back release and strength, neck and jaw release and leg strength. 55 mins.

Virtual mat classes – Intermediate. This class assumes some mastery of Pilates fundamentals, we focus on technique and keep a deliberate pace to improve posture and overall fitness. We often revisit the traditional Pilates mat sequence. 55 mins.

Prices / rates

2 Virtual mat classes per week for 4 weeks- $144 ($18 /class use in 6 weeks)

5 mat class pack – $95 ($19/class use in 6 weeks)

Single virtual mat class – $22 /class