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Are you looking for fast results? Equipment Pilates is a fun, fast and safe way to achieve your movement goals.

These sessions are tailored to your goals and your abilities, targeted to get you the results you want.

Private Sessions

With one on one attention you will learn your optimal alignment to build strength quickly. You will work harder in a private than in any other session or class and the effort will be matched exactly to challenge your current abilities.

You will leave with a greater understanding of your body and how to move better everyday to achieve your goals whether they be resolving your back pain, improving your golf swing or recovering after having a baby.

At least one Private session is a prerequisite before joining Group Pilates Gym and Duet sessions.

What clients say:

Pilates Gym Sessions

Pilates gym sessions are small group sessions (up to four people). Each person has had a personalised assessment and has a personal program they are familiar with. In a Pilates Gym session each person is working through your own program on different pieces of the Pilates equipment. Brigid gives corrections and cues while you are working and gives you progression exercises when you are ready. Pilates Gym is great if you are committed to your own practice, you are happy to put some effort in to learn your program and you want fast results.

Duet Pilates Sessions – Lennox Head

A duet class is one you share with a friend or a partner. In a duet class your tailored program is informed by your initial Private session. You will deepen your grasp of your optimal alignment for strength , as you improve you will get variations each time you come and Brigid will continue to correct you and challenge you to achieve your goals.

Pilates Lennox Head
Duet sessions ensure you are doing exercises correctly


Move to Nurture Pilates studio is located at 18 Banksia Ave, Lennox Head. Street parking is available.

Rates / Prices

Private session: Single visit $125

5 Private sessions: $500 (valid 5 weeks) SAVE $125

5 Pilates Gym Session (up to 4 people, valid 5 weeks): $225 ($45 per session)

Duet session: Single visit $85 each (BYO partner)

5 Duet classes $340 ($68 p/class valid 5 weeks) SAVE $85

All prices are subject to change without notice

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