For the fun’o’fit

A quick note before you get started:

 At Move to Nurture we have a few rules:

1. Celebrate what you did do, no judging yourself for what you didn’t do.

2. Finishing is optional (and guilt free), 5 mins is better than 0 mins.

3. Have fun and enjoy the flow.

You will need:

 For this class you will need a dining chair and a theraband (and your sense of fun).

Remember, starting is the important thing, finishing is optional.

Pilates Goonellabah

*This class is hosted on youtube but is only available to Move to Nurture members.

Remember, this is Move to Nurture Pilates. You get to choose what feels good for your body. Exercises are much more about how they feel to you than what they look like from the outside. Enjoy!