I’m so glad you’re here! If you have never done Pilates before; or you had a bad first time; or you know how amazing Pilates is but you don’t want the lycra and the high pressure attitude of some gyms and studios; then you are in the right place!

Move to Nurture Pilates classes help discerning, busy people get a safe and effective work out at least once a week. We cater especially to older adults, working people wanting to stay fit and post natal mums offering gentle and targeted Pilates to help prevent injury and reduce recurring lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

After a Move to Nurture class you will feel strong from the inside out, and other people will notice! You will hold yourself a little taller and your everyday movement will feel freer and more pleasant and will cause you less pain.

Right now all our classes are virtual, that means:

  • You join a live class in real time, you can see and hear the teacher and I can see and hear you.
  • I guide clients through the exercises and can correct them just like in real life.
  • This is actually a really great way to experience Pilates and it’s from the comfort of your home.
  • All you need to join virtual classes is an email address (to receive the link to the class) a device or computer with a camera and an internet connection.