I’m so glad you’re here! If you have never done Pilates before; or you have had an injury or surgery or you have had a baby and you want to get strong but you want to take things carefully and not have any setbacks; then you are in the right place!

Move to Nurture Pilates classes help discerning, busy people get a safe and effective work out at least once a week. We cater especially to older adults, working people wanting to stay fit and post natal mums offering gentle and targeted Pilates to help prevent injury and reduce recurring lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

After a Move to Nurture class you will feel strong from the inside out, and other people will notice! You will hold yourself a little taller and your everyday movement will feel freer and more pleasant and will cause you less pain.

Right now we offer mat classes online and in Byron Bay and East Ballina and Private and Duet Pilates sessions, tailored especially for you, in our fully equipped Pilates studio in Lennox Head.

What clients say about Move to Nurture Pilates