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Now located in Goonellabah. Session schedule coming soon.

Pilates Goonellabah

Life with pain is frustrating and exhausting:

  • You know you need core strength but you don’t know what to do
  • You start up exercise but recurring injury gets in your way
  • You’re starting to miss out on what you love to do because of pain and injury
  • You wonder if you’ll ever get back to how you used to feel.

The benefits of Move to Nurture Pilates with Brigid

  • Feel stronger after a few sessions
  • Learn the moves YOUR body needs
  • Build your strength in a gentle, targeted way
  • Boost your physical confidence
  • Enjoy everyday more!

Thank you Brigid, your gentle care and highly professional approach have given me, in just ten sessions, a true taste of a new me!

Sabine Pinon

Move to Nurture Pilates in Goonellabah

Hi, I’m Brigid, owner of Move to Nurture Pilates.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Are you are looking for help to:


  • reduce pain and discomfort naturally
  • improve your physical confidence, strength, balance and flexibility 
  • manage stress with regular exercise
  • manage osteoporosis or osteopenia with regular exercise
  • support your journey through motherhood and menopause with movement that makes you feel good?


You may have had an injury or surgery and it’s time for recovery. You may have had a baby and you need to get strong but you need to start gently.

Move to Nurture Pilates is all about building strength in a gentle targeted way to prevent injury and improve everyday movement for our clients.

Pilates Goonellabah

About Brigid

Brigid is a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher through the Australian Pilates and Movement Association. She is a Pelvic Corrective Exercise Specialist and is certified in the Feet-ness method.

“I am constantly learning to bring you movement science and inspiration relevant to your body and your life”  Brigid.


Woman on a reformer smiling at her teacher.

I know what you’re thinking…

Pilates Lismore, Goonellabah

How do I know what you're thinking?

Because I have been there. I am a mum with elderly parents. I have been injured at the gym and lost my physical confidence after becoming a mum. My approach is holistic to support you develop a more movement rich life.

This would be lovely but I don’t have time…

Life is so busy! In this age of distraction if you want to feel better you have to dedicate a little time. If you are in the Lismore area, your commute to my sessions just got alot shorter!

The trick here is a regular schedule so this time becomes part of your routine. Once you feel the benefits you will not give up this time for yourself easily.

 I can’t spend that money on myself!

The fact is if you don’t spend some time and money on looking after yourself now, you will have to spend more time and money on yourself in the future. That might be on surgery or manual therapy or on pain medication.

And the truth is that when you look after yourself, you are able to look after the other people in your life better. Instead of being a spectator or a burden, you get to participate. That is a great benefit to you and everyone you love.

What are others saying?

Thank you Brigid, your gentle care and highly professional approach have given me, in just ten sessions, a true taste of a new me!

Sabine Pinon

I was losing confidence in my physical strength as I aged. Brigid made me feel fit and strong. I am now aware of how I move, I always leave class having learnt something new and feeling good.

Julie Witt

My private sessions with Brigid have been fantastic. Workouts feel 'real' and connected to my body's needs. I learn something new each session and Brigid is always patient and empowering.

Janine Ramsey

What happens on the 15 min Intro call?

Women sitting on yoga mats laughing and talking

Sometimes the best next step is to talk to someone…

On your 15 minute Intro call I will spend time listening to your story, what you are looking for and what your needs and goals are.

Then I will suggest the best services to get you moving towards your goals, based on what you tell me about:

  • your body,
  • your budget,
  • your schedule and
  • your personality.

The services I recommend may be one of mine or a service of another teacher, practitioner or studio that I personally recommend.

“I truly believe finding you the right fit is the best thing for you and the best thing for my business.”

Completing the free Intro call will get you on the waitlist for sessions in Goonellabah so you get the first pick from time slots when the schedule opens.